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Cecil Cutting Leadership Award

2023 Award Winners

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About this award

Cecil C. Cutting, MD was one of the seven founding physicians of TPMG, and he served as the Medical Group’s first Executive Director from 1957 to 1976.

Dr. Cutting managed the growth of the medical care program at the conclusion of World War II, when KP opened its doors to the public as a commercial health plan. Under his leadership, the Division of Research was founded, residency training programs were established, and KP became a pioneer in exploring the power of computing in medicine.

Dr. Cutting emphasized the importance of physician leadership and management. He wrote, “It is a most difficult role, balancing the needs of physicians, patients, departments, and the organization. Success will depend on the leader’s ability to develop meaningful relationships of mutual respect, and physicians’ willingness to work together.”

The Cecil Cutting Leadership Award recognizes the achievements of physicians who have distinguished themselves as leaders in TPMG.

Cecil Cutting Tribute Video

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