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Meena Pai, MD

Chair & Assistant Physician-in-Chief, Compliance, Quality, Risk and Patient Safety, KP San Jose

“Dr. Pai is an empowering role model; she embodies the best qualities of a physician: compassion, authenticity, and kindness.”
- Efren Rosas, MD, physician-in-chief, KP San Jose

Lauded for her two-way communication style, Meena Pai, MD, is a dynamic thought-leader and compassionate mentor. Since 1996, she has served The Permanente Medical Group (TPMG) with a sincere desire to deliver exceptional care.

When the pandemic struck, Dr. Pai was central to KP San Jose’s response, instituting swab tents, lab workflows, and vaccines for our patients and community members. She was instrumental in establishing COVID-19 Home Care Teams to safely treat patients in their homes and in the medical center. Her hands-on leadership style empowered other physicians to readily answer the call for support.

As the Chair and Assistant Physician-in-Chief of Risk and Patient Safety, she developed patient-protection systems while also fostering a speak-up culture. Her mindset for performance improvement inspired the formation of new, collaborative teams that are now advancing the quality of both inpatient and outpatient services.

With a special interest in adolescent and teen health, Dr. Pai plays an integral role in the lives of young patients, serving as a reassuring hand as they transition from child to adult. It is with this same level of compassion that she engages with colleagues, believing that every voice is one worthy of being heard. She continues to bring invaluable insight to TPMG, always keeping an eye on her true north: to do right by patients and staff.

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