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Vivian Reyes, MD

Medical Director, Strategic Hospital Initiatives, The Permanente Medical Group

“Under the direction of Dr. Reyes, TPMG has advanced to the forefront of at-home care. She is passionate about forging a new path forward. A true leader, she encourages her team to innovate solutions for a better world.”
- Stephen Parodi, MD, associate executive director, The Permanente Medical Group

With a leadership style rooted in trust and connection, Vivian Reyes, MD, believes people are at their best when given the autonomy to excel. Her visionary guidance helped institute the TeleCritical Program, a revolutionary initiative utilizing the support of critical care experts and proactive management to reduce hospital mortality and length of stay. The program is now saving lives across the region with a plan to expand to all ICU beds by 2024.

In 2015, Dr. Reyes led the expansion of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery to all adult surgical patients in 21 hospitals, earning her the distinguished 2016 Lawrence Award.

Having dedicated her early career to disaster medicine, Dr. Reyes brings extensive experience with emergency response program strategy. During the pandemic, she streamlined medical center operations and co-led the rapid creation of a single regionwide integrated action plan.

Building on these successes, Dr. Reyes built a team to launch the Northern California Advanced Care at Home (ACAH) program. It serves as the start of a groundbreaking care model that will bring more high-quality care to patients. Named the National Physician Leader for Care at Home across Kaiser Permanente, Dr. Reyes now supports the ACAH program in seven regions. Widely renowned, her expertise is paramount to the future of medical care.

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