Lindsay Cheng, MD

Radiology, Diablo Service Area

Breast Imaging and Same Day Biopsy Program

“Our goal is to give patients the best care experience available anywhere.”

In many health care systems, the process of evaluating breast masses requires patients to make separate visits for initial screening, subsequent diagnostics, and finally, for biopsy. This sequence can take weeks and “creates a lot of sleepless nights for a lot of women,” says Lindsay Cheng, MD.

It can also delay the onset of life saving treatment.

Dr. Cheng believed KP Northern California could deliver better care. “I wanted us to be able to say, ‘If you can stay today, we’ll do your biopsy today,’” says Dr. Cheng. “That’s how we would want our friends and family to be treated.”

Emboldened by his patient-centered vision, Dr. Cheng took on the complex challenge of making same day biopsies standard practice in the Diablo Service Area’s Breast Imaging Center. He revised physicians’ schedules and meticulously coordinated the work between technologists, sonographers, nurses, and front desk staff. Among other innovations, he developed workflows for radiologists to both recommend and then perform biopsies, improving quality through greater continuity of care.

The success of Dr. Cheng’s program was evident immediately. The number of patients receiving same day biopsies soared. Committed to ensuring all KP Northern California members receive the best possible care, Dr. Cheng then took it upon himself to share his model with colleagues across the region.

Today, over 80% of breast biopsies performed in KP Northern California take place on the same day patients’ masses are discovered (usually only not performed because of patient preference). This means fewer sleepless nights for our members. If cancer is detected, care begins without delay.

Dr. Lindsay Cheng pioneered a program few thought possible until he proved it. He’s made an indelible impact on thousands of patients’ lives.