Barry Jay Miller, MD

Orthopedic Surgery, San Jose

Medical Spine Unit

Shortly after joining TPMG in 1986, Dr. Miller began working to improve the care of patients with back problems – most notably by creating the Medical Spine Unit, an evidence-based practice model that is managed by primary care physicians with special training in back care.

A study evaluating the Spine Unit demonstrated that the new model reduced unnecessary hospitalizations and unneeded surgeries, while improving quality, patient satisfaction. (Spine 1994;20:1165-1169)

Dr. Miller has continued to work with Gary Stein, MD, Medicine, San Jose, Ferdy Massimino, MD, Orthopedics, Martinez, and others to implement the model throughout Northern California, as well as in other Kaiser Permanente Divisions, and to educate TPMG primary care physicians about low back problems.