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Glenn Rennels, MD

Anesthesiology, Regional Office

“Dr. Rennels foresaw the power that the Internet could bring to a medical practice.”

When many were just learning about information technology for the first time, Glenn Rennels, MD, was already using IT to enhance medical care.

Dr. Rennels’ considerable expertise helped transform TPMG into one of the most technologically sophisticated medical groups in the country. His skill and vision in using information technology to improve care to patients became evident soon after he joined TPMG in 1990. After nearly a decade of developing various innovative IT systems, he was tapped to become TPMG’s first Chief Technology Officer in 1999.

With his leadership, Physician Home Pages, the Personal Physician Selection Online, eConsult, eRx, and eChart were developed and deployed regionwide. Each of his contributions helped facilitate the transition to KP HealthConnect, the electronic medical record system that promises to further enhance patient care and service throughout Kaiser Permanente.

Dr. Rennels also was instrumental in creating the role of Assistant Physician-in-Chief for Technology – a critically important leadership position as Kaiser Permanente continues to implement KP HealthConnect in Northern California.

Dr. Rennels recently stepped down from the CTO position in order to resume caring for patients in the Anesthesiology Department at Santa Clara, but he still keeps an eye on emerging technology and is committed to being an influential voice in TPMG.

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