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David R. Vinson, MD

Emergency Medicine, North Valley


David R. Vinson, MD, is recognized for “Telephone Management of Presumed Cystitis in Women: Factors Associated with Recurrence” (Journal of Clinical Outcomes Management 2007;14:41-46).

The four-year study showed that a broad base of patients—even high-risk groups like women over 70 and patients with diabetes—could benefit from the telephone management of bladder infection complaints.

Dr. Vinson analyzed over 4,000 charts for evidence of failed therapy or complications in women who were treated for cystitis by phone. He found that the rate of complications associated with urinary tract infections diagnosed during an office visit is comparable to telephone-based diagnoses. Both methods of treatment provide that same level of effectiveness and safety.

The study clearly demonstrates how health care organizations can significantly improve operations while ensuring high quality care for patients.

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