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Matthew Lando, MD

Head and Neck Surgery, Greater Southern Alameda Area

“One of the main things I try to impart to residents is the mindset that every patient is an individual. Every patient’s condition is unique.”

Dr. Matthew Lando joined TPMG on virtually the same day in 1990 that marked the start of the Greater Southern Alameda Area’s otolaryngology residency rotation. It was no coincidence. The rotation was started, in part, to encourage Dr. Lando to come to Kaiser Permanente to practice – and to teach.

“Teaching has always been important to me, even during medical school and residency,” says Dr. Lando, who received a Resident Teaching Award at UCLA. “Part of my obligation as a physician is to ensure that the next generation of surgeons is well prepared.”

Dr. Lando has earned wide praise for his consummate clinical and surgical skills, his patient-centric care, and his passion for, in his words, “turning residents that start off fairly green into accomplished surgeons.” And more – as one resident succinctly remarked: “I’ve benefited greatly from Dr. Lando’s vast surgical expertise, but beyond that, he’s taught me what it means to be a doctor.”

“Dr. Lando is one of TPMG’s gems,” adds Suhani Mody, MD, Physician-in-Chief, Fremont. “He does some of the most complicated surgeries in the region. To train with him is a learning experience that very few programs in the country can match.”

After 26 years as a key faculty member of KP Northern California’s Head and Neck Residency Program, Dr. Lando is retiring at year’s end.

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