Jack Schuberth, DPM

Podiatric Surgery, San Francisco

Jack Schuberth, DPM, is a world-renowned foot and ankle surgeon. His stellar reputation has drawn residents from around the country to the Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Bay Area Foot & Ankle Residency Program. Dr. Schuberth’s talent as a clinician and surgeon is legendary and his meticulous attention to detail sets an example for all who have had the privilege to work with him. He demands excellence from his trainees and regularly expresses his appreciation for their work.

Dr. Schuberth is particularly known for being available to answer his residents’ questions at all times: whether he is lecturing in another part of the country, on vacation or sleeping at 3AM. One of his residents commented, “He has given me the excitement and passion to do what I will be doing for the rest of my career.”