Elizabeth S. Menkin, MD

Palliative Care, San Jose

“Dr. Menkin has a unique genius for creating a learning experience that allows the physician to profoundly experience the patient perspective” Jann Dorman, Director, Center for Health Care Delivery Care Management Institute

Recognized for her tireless commitment to deliver an innovative curriculum that improves best practices among physicians who treat patients with advanced illnesses. A Master Facilitator for the Education for Physicians on End-of-Life-Care (EPEC) Project, Dr. Menkin is a passionate advocate for patient-centered care.

Dr. Menkin is a highly regarded teacher who has taught both KP and non-KP physicians in a variety of conference settings. Doctors often recall her classes as a life-changing experience that provides them with new insights and skills to care for critically-ill patients. Her novel approaches integrate the small-group format of the EPEC curriculum with game-based exercises that facilitate discussion and reflection.

One method pioneered by Dr. Menkin is the use of cards in a game called “Go Wish” that triggers a conversation in which the patient is able to express what is most important if the remaining time is short. Dr. Menkin’s approach helps physicians get a real sense of what their patients are experiencing, to help them make the best decisions going forward.