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Diane Chan, MD

Pediatrics, KP North Valley

“The role of a teacher is not to simply share everything you know about a particular topic. It’s meeting a student where they are, and figuring out how to help them become the physician they envision themselves to be.”

Dr. Chan’s passion for teaching was sparked by the joy she found educating young patients and their caregivers during her pediatric training. She says what sustains that passion—and has inspired her to devote her nearly 20-year career in The Permanente Medical Group (TPMG) to teaching medical students, residents, and colleagues alike—has always been connection with others.

“Teaching is a privilege that provides an opportunity to share in someone’s journey and get to know the person wearing the white coat,” explains Dr.Chan. “I want to know what inspired them to pursue a medical career. What are they proud of? What do they see as their weaknesses at this point in their career? And most importantly, how can I help?”

Dr. Chan’s gift for listening and offering insightful pearls of wisdom has made her a legendary educator in the North Valley. In KP Roseville’s outpatient pediatric clinic, where she supervises and teaches medical students and residents, Dr. Chan takes learners under her wing, meeting with them individually to discover their goals and aspirations. Even if she is not their primary preceptor, she mentors and builds a relationship with each student.

“Dr. Chan imparts not only the science but also the art of medicine, particularly around communication,” says Richard Florio, MD, physician-in-chief for KP Roseville. “She models empathy and emotional intelligence in every interaction. Thanks to her warmth and the example she sets, we’ve recruited many of our best students and residents to become TPMG physicians.”

Dr. Chan also serves as a guiding light for colleagues. For years she was a communication consultant, helping physicians strengthen their relationships with their patients. Today she teaches seasoned physicians how to mentor peers, leads a new physician seminar series, and serves as local co-chief of TPMG’s Joy and Meaning in Medicine and Exceptional Care Experience initiatives.

Years of experience have not dimmed her enthusiasm. “I’m just as passionate about teaching as I was my very first day,” she says.

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