Site Documentation

Size Photos

Use photo templates for sizing and exporting
CopAssettic/ Projects/170186_TPMG_Awards_Web_Site_Refresh_-_Kor/170186_Art/Photo Templates/

  • hero_1000x400.psd
  • recent_winner_280x170.psd
  • thumbnail_155x155.psd

Use guides for positioning and scaling.

Photos can be found in the project graphics folder for the award project. They will be in the Links folder.
Rename photos (last_first.psd) and add to Photos folder for archiving:
/CopAssettic/ Projects/170186_TPMG_Awards_Web_Site_Refresh_-_Kor/170186_Art/Photos

Add Media

Add the following media to the following folders in the uploads folder and ftp to the site. Use the naming convention in parentheses

  • videos (last_first.mp4)
  • videos_srt (
  • posters (last_first.pdf)
  • brochures (year_award_name_brochure.pdf)
  • photos (last_first.jpg) this is the hero image at the top of the page

Upload the following into the Media Library and use the naming convention provided:

  • Thumbnail image 155×155 (last_first.jpg)
  • Recent Winner image 280×170 (rw_last_first.jpg)
  • Homepage Slider image 1000×400 (slider_last_first.jpg)

Recent winner and homepage slider images are only used for the most recent awards and can be deleted when a new award is posted.

Create a new post

  1. Add Posts: PMG Awards>Add New
  2. Name the page: First Last, MD
  3. Add Content: Get content from the posters or brochure
  4. Post Excerpt Title: Only use this field for Exceptional Contribution Awards
  5. Post Excerpt: Add quote here. If the name of the person quoted is included put it in span tags.
    “Dr. Kapadia is one of those fearless leaders who walks the talk, and, as a result, has everyone’s respect. Under her stewardship, this facility is a top performer in nearly every measure of quality.”<br>
    <span>— William Firtch, MD, physician-in-chief, KP Redwood City</span>
  6. PMG Award Physician Details (see image for example)
  7. Categories: Choose the award
  8. Tags: Leave blank
  9. Specialty: Start typing and this field should auto fill
  10. Location: Start typing and field should autofill
  11. Brochure and Posters: If there is a poster or brochure add the base name to these fields
  12. Featured Image: Add thumbnail image. This is the image that will be used on the View all winners page

After publishing, edit publish dates (reverse chronological order) so that posts list in alphabetical order by last name on the category pages.

Update the homepage slider

  1. Go to Slider Revolution
  2. Find the slider for the award and edit that slider
  3. Update the background image, year, name, specialty, location and link
  4. Update the slider shortcode on the homepage under Settings > Slider > Slider Shortcode

Update the Recent Award Winners on the homepage and award landing page

  • Update images, names and links