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Brian Hoberman, MD

Hospital Medicine, San Francisco

KP HealthConnect® Inpatient Implementation

“What did I do the first decade of this new millennium? I raised my children and helped create the inpatient electronic medical record that we use at Kaiser Permanente. Both have been great sources of pride and happiness.”

Dr. Hoberman’s vision, perseverance and exceptional leadership talents made the implementation of KP HealthConnect (KPHC) Inpatient a success. Starting in 2003, Dr. Hoberman began working with software vendor Epic to improve its inpatient, ED and OR products. He then led the team that developed the workflows, training, interfaces and clinical content in the system.

In 2006, with South Sacramento selected as the alpha site for inpatient implementation, Dr. Hoberman virtually moved in to the facility as he and his team did what’s been described as “inserting a new central nervous system into Kaiser Permanente’s hospital care delivery system.” During this critical phase, Dr. Hoberman, a San Francisco HBS physician, obtained South Sacramento privileges and saw patients there, to gain a deeper understanding of the end-user experience, while working constantly with Epic to improve the software.

He worked with the same dedication to complete implementation of KPHC at all KP hospitals in Northern California in 2010. Along the way, he developed a team to support users and provided continuing education.

Dr. Hoberman still works closely with Epic, his team, and KP stakeholders, to further refine the system to, in his words, “help people make better decisions and provide better care.”

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