David Baer, MD

Oncology, East Bay Area

CAMMOLOT – Case Management for Medical Oncology with Laboratory and Outcome Tracking

“It’s been personally very satisfying to be able to develop a computer software application that addresses the needs of both oncology patients and their physicians.”

In 1996, Dr. Baer used his self-taught computer programming skills to create an electronic system to help manage chemotherapy for cancer patients in Oakland. CAMMOLOT transformed a time-consuming, error-prone manual process into an automated system that reduces the risk of medical errors, and increases efficiency, patient compliance and satisfaction. “The system allows the physician to enter orders for treatment with a point and click interface,” explains Dr. Baer. The system alerts the physician to potential dosing errors, and automatically downloads lab results to check for abnormal renal or hepatic function that could render a dose dangerous to the patient.

It also automates treatment planning, pharmacy drug management and flow-sheet record maintenance. In addition, it generates detailed calendars for the patient, which indicate planned treatments and scheduled tests, increasing patient compliance and satisfaction. And, it stores a digital photo of the patient to personalize care.

CAMMOLOT is now operating at eight medical centers. Between 1998 and 2005, it was used to help manage cancer treatments for more than 10,000 patients who received more than 1.1 million drug doses. Dr. Baer hopes that the key features of CAMMOLOT will be integrated into a chemotherapy module as part of KP HealthConnect, and made available to oncologists throughout the region.