Doug Grey, MD

Surgery, San Francisco

Operation Access

“My involvement with Operation Access allows me to be not just a surgeon, but to be a doctor.”

Co-founded by Dr. Grey in 1993, Operation Access provides free outpatient surgeries and specialty consultation for children and adults who are ineligible for publicly sponsored programs and cannot afford private health insurance. Dr. Grey created the program because of a desire to use his surgical skills to help people in need.

“Volunteering is part if life, its part of my reason for being. I wanted to volunteer my services as a surgeon, but without having to leave the country,” he explains. Currently 12 hospitals in Northern California, including five Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, participate in the program, which, since 1993, has performed 800 surgeries and consultations for the uninsured.

Dr. Grey is now the Medical Director of Operation Access, a non-profit organization with three staff members and an annual budget of $280,000 – all raised through private donation and foundations. He also helps coordinate the medical volunteer team of surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses and medical technicians who do surgery on patients at the San Francisco Medical Center one Saturday every other month. Dr. Grey’s goal is to expand Operation Access throughout California.

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