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Amit Saini, MD

Physician Lead, Continuing Care & Extra Care Program, Geriatric Medicine, KP Fresno

“Dr. Saini leads with gratitude. He inspires resident physicians, connects with patients and families, and develops a trusted team. He exemplifies what it means to provide the exceptional care experience.”
- Shahzad Jahromi, MD, physician-in-chief, KP Fresno

Amit Saini, MD, is committed to staying true to his inner compass: his heart. He encourages his team to “follow their passion, because that’s when people are at their best.” Since 2018, he has been a pivotal contributor to Kaiser Permanente’s senior surgical care department. He has held multiple leadership roles, including Chief, Adult Medicine; Assistant Physician-in-Chief, Health Promotion; and Site Director, Geriatric Residency Training. A dedicated mentor, Dr. Saini believes that leadership comes from listening and connecting. He has devoted his expertise to establishing residency training and coaching programs, and he organized the physician mentorship program at KP Fresno.

In 2018, Dr. Saini developed the Memory Care Center and introduced case-based trainings with a special focus on dementia care. He was also critical to the advancement of Extra Care, a program that manages treatments for the most complex medical cases. Most recently, Dr. Saini spearheaded the Adult & Family Medicine Care Availability Dashboard, which unified reports into one comprehensive platform. It is now shared weekly across the region.

Dr. Saini is an incredible community ambassador, hosting events and sharing education through didactic lectures. Known for his compassionate nature as much as for his professional aptitude, Dr. Saini ensures that every interaction with staff and patients is a moment of exceptional care.

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