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Sachin Kapoor, DO, FACOEM

Assistant Physician-in-Chief, KP Diablo Service Area

“Dr. Kapoor has served as a key advisor on multiple complex and cross-cutting issues. He is well-known for his rare ability to collaborate across entities and silos in a respectful and constructive manner. He is the quintessential physician leader.”
-Ken Grullon, MD, physician-in-chief, KP Diablo Service Area
-Sharon Mowat, MD, physician-in-chief, KP Diablo Service Area

Gifted with an unflappable and calm demeanor, Sachin Kapoor, DO, provided indispensable leadership during the pandemic. At the outset of the crisis, in his role as Chair of Occupational Medicine and Employee Health Services, he developed return to work guidelines for patients across KP northern California who were infected or exposed to COVID-19.

As APIC of Medical Subspecialties, Dr. Kapoor has led his departments with curiosity and has created an environment of open idea sharing and continuous learning.

Dr. Kapoor used his collaborative skills to work with multiple regulatory agencies, incorporating their feedback, and synthesizing information so that it could be easily understood and followed by thousands of physicians. “I’m very proud to say that it helped our medical group consistently deliver information to patients on how to manage either an exposure or what they should do after their COVID diagnosis.”

Using his inclusive and positive style of leadership, Dr. Kapoor transformed the chief’s group into a cohesive team that works together to solve common and challenging problems and advance organizational priorities.

Dr. Kapoor still loves seeing patients and takes what he learns from his experiences and uses it to improve his communication with leaders and in meetings. He also wisely takes what he gleans from his leadership training and uses it to help him in the exam room.

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