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Milin Ratanasen, MD, FACP

Assistant Physician-in-Chief, KP South Sacramento

“Dr. Ratanasen brings energy, creativity, and passion to every endeavor he pursues. His contagious enthusiasm has brought our physicians and staff together, fostering camaraderie and boosting pride throughout our medical center.”
-Peter Miles, MD, physician-in-chief, KP South Sacramento

As the oldest of three physician brothers, Milin Ratanasen, MD, first learned how to lead by helping his immigrant mother navigate the nuances of American culture. While he joined TPMG with no goal to pursue leadership, his role as Assistant Physician-in-Chief of Quality has turned into a labor of love.

Dr. Ratanasen is a leader who amplifies the strengths and interests of those he works with. He believes that every accomplishment—no matter how small—should be celebrated, and makes it a habit to trumpet the accolades of all departments across the service area.

Creativity and storytelling are hallmarks of Dr. Ratanasen’s unique style of leadership. He received numerous accolades for the song he created for the Five Service Values music video, with lyrics paying homage to the healthcare heroes of Kaiser Permanente. “I’ve always loved creativity, music, media, storytelling, and it was only recently I realized that it could be incorporated into medicine,” Dr. Ratanasen says. “TPMG’s support for this has been fulfilling, validating and inspiring.”

One of Dr. Ratanasen’s proudest achievements is leading the Outpatient Quality Oversight Committee, an innovative monthly meeting attended by more than 50 leaders across the service area. He is especially honored to support the African American Healthcare Disparities Committee, which helps build bridges with African American clinicians and the community.

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