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Gretchen K. Mello, MD, JD

Assistant Physician-in-Chief, KP East Bay

“Dr. Mello is the epitome of what we all aspire to be as a Permanente Medicine physician. She is a leader’s leader with a combination of clinical excellence, strategic mindset, and a warm humanism to lead our patients and colleagues during these challenging times.”
-Rita Ng, MD, FACC, physician-in-chief, KP East Bay

With a proactive yet patient approach, Gretchen Mello, MD, is a highly versatile leader that excels in offering innovative solutions to complex problems. As the Assistant Physician-in Chief, she thrives on The Permanente Medical Group’s model for patient care and medical practice which provides an integrated system and physician-driven practices. Dr. Mello has created a culture of safety by using her educational background to prioritize the importance of patient safety and continuous clinical provider support.

She has earned the respect and praise of her colleagues by leaning into problems, encouraging collaboration, and working to find long-term foundational solutions. Dr. Mello prides herself on developing highly reliable, safe systems to support our physicians to provide exceptional patient care.

Dr. Mello also leads the medical group’s response to upcoming regulatory surveys with strong clarity, vision, and partnership with health plan colleagues. In a regional leadership role, she directs the Ambulatory TPMG Risk Patient Identification and Safety Project, which improves systems safety for patients undergoing procedures in an ambulatory setting.

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