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Scott Tsunehara, MD, MPH

Regional Medical Director, Appointment & Advice Call Center, KP Northern California

“Dr. Tsunehara’s strategic, proactive, steadfast, and calm leadership—during a time when there were more questions than answers about COVID-19—allowed our members to access the care they needed in a safe and timely manner.”
-Richard S. Isaacs, MD, FACS, CEO and Executive Director, The Permanente Medical Group

Scott Tsunehara, MD, was instrumental in TPMG’s response to COVID-19. In a matter of days, his Appointment and Advice Call Center (AACC) team helmed the organization’s transition from predominantly in-person appointments to an almost exclusively tele-health or virtual health care system.

Working closely with primary care chairs, chiefs, and the COVID-19 care team, Dr. Tsunehara led the AACC through rapid changes that helped provide care safely and quickly during shelter-in-place. Along with this transformation in care delivery, the AACC team provided essential technology and support so a majority of employees could transition to remote work. In the process, the AACC never missed a beat delivering care to our members and patients.

“TPMG was on this journey before COVID-19 brought virtual care to the forefront,” says Dr. Tsunehara. “I’m proud to say at the AACC, we’ve been at the center of all of this work.”

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