Steven Millar, MD

Assistant Physician-in-Chief, Health Promotion and Exceptional Care Experience, Physician Wellness, KP Central Valley

“Dr. Millar possesses an amazing ability to collaborate, build consensus, and assess and resolve complex problems. His passion for exceptional care and wellness inspires and mobilizes others.”
—Sanjay Marwaha, MD, physician-in-chief, KP Central Valley

Pediatrician Steven Millar, MD, believes in always doing the right thing. That means slowing down, asking the right questions, and making sure he’s solving the right problem.

Dr. Millar has used this strategy to engage the community in countless outreach initiatives throughout the Central Valley. These have included spearheading a program to help uninsured, undocumented children get physical exams to qualify for preschool, and introducing a Spanish culture, language, and communication course to help non-Spanish-speaking physicians and staff better connect with Spanish-speaking patients.

As colead during sessions that recruit physicians nationally to join The Permanente Medical Group, Dr. Millar has met with thousands of interview candidates, inspiring the best doctors to join TPMG. He motivates them by highlighting how Kaiser Permanente’s integrated services allow doctors to focus on and enjoy patient care.

As assistant physician-in-chief for health promotion, he’s also promoted the benefits of being a KP member to local employers, contributing to the dramatic growth of KP’s Central Valley membership in the last 5 years.

Dr. Millar finds it easy to promote an organization he trusts to always do the right thing. “You end up re-recruiting yourself to the job over and over gain because you’re so proud of the organization and all that it stands for,” he says.