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Scott Tafuri, DPM, JD

Assistant Physician-in-Chief, Compliance, Risk and Medical Legal, KP Greater Southern Alameda Area

“Dr. Tafuri embodies what it means to be a Permanente physician and leader—mission-driven for our patients, their families, our community, and each other.”
- Eric Cain, MD, physician-in-chief, KP Fremont

Whether leading physician education and wellness initiatives or weighing in on ethics and legal affairs, Scott Tafuri, DPM, JD, always asks the question, “What can I do to make the lives of people around me better?”

As chief of physician education, he answered this question by offering convenient education credits that not only help physicians improve care quality, but also bring them together before, during, and after trainings. Building community in this way helps physicians attach a face, life, and family to colleagues when collaborating with them.

Dr. Tafuri and his team also created a mini-residency for primary care physicians who see a lot of patients with musculoskeletal issues, providing them with the skillset and confidence to begin treatment or resolve problems before referring the patient to a specialist. As assistant physician-in-chief for compliance, risk, and medical legal, Dr. Tafuri’s law degree has helped him look at problems from various perspectives— that of the patient, doctor, or hospital administrator—to produce optimal solutions.

The most satisfying part of his work, however, is developing leaders. Dr. Tafuri guides physicians along the path he and his own mentors have traveled. “It’s about honoring the things that inspire them to get up and come to work each day,” he says.

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