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Randy Fralick, MD

Chief, Medical-Legal & Urology, KP Fresno

“Dr. Fralick models caring leadership. He has created an environment in which everyone feels valued and motivated to continuously improve processes and workflows.”
— Shahzad Jahromi, MD, physician-in-chief, KP Fresno

Coming into medicine from a long line of machinists and metalworkers, Randy Fralick, MD, knew he would choose a specialty that made good use of his hands and motor skills. Surgery seemed like a natural fit, and the diversity of urology intrigued him.

Urology encompasses everything from fertility issues, sexual dysfunction, kidney stones, and cancer, to congenital malformations and female reconstruction. Dr. Fralick finds this variety and the ability to develop new skills at different points in his career very rewarding.

In addition to expertly tending to his patients, Dr. Fralick excels at streamlining processes. He led the creation of a regional online vasectomy registration and education workflow that saves time for patients and physicians. He also drove the development of a regionwide, automated data collection system to track prostate biopsies. The resulting scientific papers promise to advance prostate cancer screening and treatment practices nationally.

As a department chief, Dr. Fralick leads with honesty and trust. He cares about every team member, working with their strengths and weaknesses to help them grow. He finds it especially fulfilling to mentor chiefs across departments and specialties.

His top priority, however, is always patients. “Delivering exceptional care while keeping patients safe and satisfied,” he says, “this is our ultimate goal.”

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