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Nina Lee, MD

Associate Physician-in-Chief, Women's Health, KP Diablo Service Area

“Dr. Lee is an exemplary leader who balances the needs of patients, physicians, staff, the Women’s Health department, and TPMG. She has shown a tremendous capacity to develop leaders in Women’s Health.”
—Sharon Mowat, MD, physician-in-chief, KP Diablo Service Area

Nina Lee, MD, is passionate about patient care and in her belief that leadership is fundamental to delivering that care. As an ob-gyn physician, she has built, and continues to build, meaningful and lifelong relationships with her patients. And as a leader, she guides physicians in realizing and embracing their potential, so that they can improve patient care and deliver on our mission to provide exceptional care to our patients and their families.

Dr. Lee mentors physicians by meeting them where they are, learning what inspires them, and helping them envision where they want to go. Through honest conversations, she helps them stretch beyond their comfort zone, even when they’re afraid they might fail.

Having arrived at leadership reluctantly, Dr. Lee finds the most joy in mentoring individuals who aren’t aware of their own potential. Motivating them in much the same way her own mentors motivated her, she builds on a legacy of strong women leaders in her department.

Her leadership extends to deepening collaborations and improving performance in her complex, busy department. Because ob-gyn patients often receive care from clinicians and staff across many departments, all of the team—midwifes, nurses, pediatricians and anesthesiologists —must collaborate to effectively to provide a high quality and exceptional care experience.

“To make serious improvements, you need the ideas and contributions of everyone,” says Dr. Lee. “That interdependence has led to higher quality. We’re really all here to take care of patients, so their lens should guide us in all we do.”

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