Andrew McDaniel, MD

Chief, Pediatrics, KP North Valley

“Dr. McDaniel built a team that excels at teaching a continuous improvement process, which has become a model for the rest of the North Valley.”
—Richard Florio, MD, physician-in-chief, KP North Valley

Andrew McDaniel, MD, gets excited about finding innovative ways to deliver world-class pediatric care in the greater Sacramento and Roseville areas, where 1 out of every 3 kids is a Kaiser Permanente member.

He’s done this by pioneering the adoption of a continuous improvement process in the North Valley. Using novel tools and strategies, his team looks at workflows and practices they can optimize, such as having medical assistants alert nursing teams when patients are due for vaccinations, regardless of the reason for their doctor visits, which has increased immunization rates.

“Engaging every player in thinking creatively about how we can improve care helps all of us do things better,” he explains.

Dr. McDaniel also believes that making team roles more manageable ultimately helps deliver high quality care. He devotes time to understanding the diverse viewpoints of his physicians and learning how they can best be supported in treating each child or adolescent, without having to rush to stay on schedule or be late picking up their own children after work.

Dr. McDaniel is proud that these efforts have not only helped attract and retain many new and talented physicians to his department, but also contributed to building its reputation as a great place to begin and build a career.