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Anna Bavykina, MD

Assistant Physician-in-Chief Continuum and Pharmacy Utilization, KP Diablo Service Area

“Dr. Bavykina is a unique combination of resilient warrior and gentle soul who inspires us all. She has been our pioneer in our continuous improvement journey, coaching her teams in continuous improvement and collaboration.”
— Sharon Mowat, MD, physician-in-chief, KP Diablo Service Area

Anna Bavykina, MD, is dedicated to creating compassionate, needs-based care for complex patient populations. As a respected leader of chronic conditions management programs for the Diablo Service Area (DSA), she has restructured systems and assembled multidisciplinary teams to innovate transformational solutions for complex medical patients who may also have unmet psycho-social needs.

One of her programs, Care Plus, sorts out and supports the highest-risk patients and will soon serve as a model for treatment across the nation. Care Plus integrates predictive analytics to identify patients at risk with reliable interventions provided by multidisciplinary teams in a primary care setting to prevent avoidable ED visits and hospitalizations.

Dr. Bavykina also led the expansion of the Memory Center in the DSA. There, her team incorporated a system to effectively partner with community organizations to manage patients with dementia and provide support to caregivers.

Dr. Bavykina attributes the success of these chronic conditions management programs to multidisciplinary teams including social workers, nursing case management, and nonclinical staff. “An effective leader needs to be a good listener—solutions come from the people who do the work.”

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