Tracy Flanagan, MD

Director TPMG Women’s Health Services, KP Richmond

“Dr. Flanagan is a visionary leader and an inspiring colleague and mentor. She motivates change by bringing the patient’s voice to the center, and models the courage required to do what’s right for our patients and colleagues.”
— Judith Park, MD, physician-in-chief, KP Richmond

Tracy Flanagan, MD, has dedicated her career to improving the lives of women. Since joining The Permanente Medical Group (TPMG) in 1999, she has developed myriad initiatives in service of that mission—all while fostering mutual respect and authenticity within the teams she leads.

In her previous role as chair of the chiefs of ob-gyn, and as regional director for women’s health services for more than a decade, she has directed many strategic quality improvement projects, including initiatives to increase screening rates for cervical cancer and chlamydia.

To help promote healthy pregnancies and prevent unintended ones, Dr. Flanagan has overseen programs in preconception and interconception care. And in partnership with Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, she has spearheaded excellence in inpatient maternity care in the areas of perinatal safety, quality, and care experience.

Dr. Flanagan is especially proud of her award-winning program for screening and treatment of perinatal depression, a common and underdiagnosed condition. TPMG obstetricians now routinely assess patients for depression during prenatal and postpartum visits, and initiate treatment when needed.

“I look for the heart in my work every day, which is to deeply understand what our women patients and our clinicians need,” says Dr. Flanagan. “Not only does it keep me energized, it also reminds me what direction to take.”