Jake Roth, MD

Psychiatry, San Jose

“Being a leader and drawing out the strengths in others is a great privilege.”

Although he was born and raised in the Bay Area, Jake Roth, MD, spent a good portion of his childhood living abroad, an experience that instilled a love of different people and cultures. As the Chief of Psychiatry, this af nity could not be more evident—Dr. Roth skillfully traverses the realms of patients, colleagues and staff with a thoughtfulness and amiability that puts people at ease and makes them feel appreciated.

He leads a compassionate group of clinicians who are committed to providing outstanding mental health care, with the patient always at the center. The team has worked diligently to increase patients’ access to care and treatment, break down the stigma of mental health care, and increase the presence of psychiatry throughout the medical center.

Their hard work has paid off. Under Dr. Roth’s leadership, the Psychiatry Department is the regional leader in patient access to psychiatry services and a top performer in patient satisfaction, having achieved the highest scores in the region for initial visits and results of treatment.

“Being a leader and drawing out the strengths in others is a great privilege,” says Dr. Roth. “It’s about cultivating a sense of a shared mission—to provide our patients with the best care and best outcomes possible.”

“Dr. Roth has achieved what is often dif cult for leaders to master—he ensures exceptional care for our patients, and at the same time develops thoughtful and meaningful relationships with colleagues and staff,” says Raj Bhandari, MD, Physician-in-Chief, KP San Jose Medical Center.