Edward Kao, MD

Radiology, South San Francisco

“The improvements Dr. Kao has made in the Radiology Department are felt by our patients and physicians every day.”

Before Edward Kao, MD, became Chief in 2011, the South San Francisco Radiology Department had been through a series of interim leaders. The department needed the focused and steady leadership that Dr. Kao could provide.

He began his department’s transformation with a goal — to provide patients with high quality care that’s both accessible and convenient. To that end, he standardized care and implemented best practices, built a team of subspecialized radiologists, expanded patient appointments, and accelerated imaging interpretation. Today, imaging exams are available on a walk-in basis and results are often available within the hour. Diagnosis and treatment happen more quickly, and patients can get better sooner.

Dr. Kao’s collaborative style of leadership has enabled him to hire outstanding physicians and engage his entire team. He involves his colleagues in decision-making, gives them the opportunity and tools to excel, and is generous in his appreciation of their contributions.

Under his leadership, the Radiology Department has become one of the region’s top performers in quality and access. He is working with fellow Chiefs to further improve radiology performance across the region.

“The transformation of the department under Dr. Kao’s leadership has been nothing short of extraordinary,” says John Skerry, MD, Physician-in-Chief, South San Francisco. “His department’s incredible improvements in access and quality across every modality are felt by our patients and physicians every day.”