Efren Rosas, MD

Surgery, San Jose

“Dr. Rosas represents the very best in Permanente Medicine,” says Rajan Bhandari, MD, Physician-in-Chief, San Jose Medical Center. “He has helped solve complex problems to improve access, quality and service for our patients.”

“I like to fix things,” says Efren Rosas, MD in speaking of his initial interest in leadership. “I want to remove barriers that doctors encounter in taking care of patients.” Dr. Rosas’ passion for “fixing things” has led to significant improvements in hospitals and operating rooms throughout the region, ultimately improving access, quality and service.

Dr. Rosas spearheaded the creation of San Jose’s Pre-op Medicine Clinic, which has resulted in the highly efficient use of the operating room with virtually no cancellations. His outstanding communication skills, commitment to excellence and talent in securing interdepartmental agreements have also fueled efforts such as the implementation of high efficiency ORs. Dr. Rosas helped establish Highly Reliable Surgical Teams throughout Northern California, traveling to every medical center to champion a major cultural change in operating room teamwork and communication.

Collaborative in his leadership style, he has created a group of physician leaders to work throughout the hospital as active participants in process improvement. Dr. Rosas helped lead the innovative Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) pilot program at San Jose and Roseville. Already successful in reducing hospitalization time and post-op complications, ERAS is scheduled for region-wide roll out in Summer 2014.

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