Chynna Bantug, MD

Pediatrics, San Jose

“I’ve always been drawn to kids. Caring for them has been my main driving force.”

Anyone wanting to create a department with stellar MPS, Physician Opinion Survey and People Pulse scores need only consult Chynna Bantug, MD.

Passionate about listening to the voice of the member, she helped set up a parent advisory group to seek feedback about proposed department initiatives.

Input plays a key role in the department’s success implementing programs that have the greatest value to parents and their children.

Dr. Bantug is just as attentive to the needs of her colleagues. She helped modify clinic hours to give physicians a better balance between their personal and professional lives. She encourages colleagues to take on leadership roles in areas that spark their interest. She credits these “champions” with making the department a regional leader in quality goals for immunizations, ADHD and well care, among others.

As a physician ambassador and community benefit advocate, Dr. Bantug leads by example, always willing to volunteer for community events like Teddy Bear clinics and Healthy Eating Active Living promotions to fight childhood obesity.