Arif Seyal, MD

Allergy and Clinical Immunology, North Valley

“Dr. Seyal is higly respected by national and regional groups, and often singled out as a perfect example of how to lead a department.”

Everyone breathes easier with Dr. Arif Seyal at the helm of North Valley’s Allergy Department.

Dr. Seyal is a gifted leader, able to anticipate and solve problems, and bring out the best in his team.

To that end, he’s streamlined allergy testing and reduced the time to receive immunotherapy. He started a program that lets patients choose how they are followed by the department, resulting in a 50% reduction in returns, and increased patient satisfaction.

He is a shining example of service to people, both at home and abroad.

He volunteers for “Breathe California” and co-wrote the organization’s book, “Your Asthma,” which is used to help asthma sufferers in over 50 countries.

His response to a disastrous earthquake in Pakistan in 2004 was to head to the crisis and set up a disaster relief clinic. Closer to home, he volunteers to teach community clinic physicians how to improve asthma care for their patients.