Patrick Paglen, MD

Ophthalmology, Santa Rosa

“Dr. Paglen’s leadership is defined by an innovative drive collaboration, and deep respect for the abilities of everyone to contribute.Cecil C. Cutting Leadership Award”

When Patrick Paglen, MD, became Santa Rosa’s Chief of Ophthalmology, he set the bar high for operational improvements.

He was determined to improve the relationship between Ophthalmology and Optometry. So he did something many other chiefs would not consider — create an environment in which ophthalmologists and optometrists would co-manage patients and collaborate freely.

The culture of cooperation has been adopted region wide, and it’s paying dividends in terms of increased morale and quality of care. Dr. Paglen demonstrates equally impressive leadership as a corneal surgeon.

He’s a pioneer in Deep Lamellar Endothelial Kerotoplasty, which helped revolutionize the treatment of corneal disease. His research and clinical efforts helped convince eye surgeons around the world that a procedure they viewed as impossible, was indeed possible.

He continues to play a key role in developing advanced surgical techniques and implementing their practice throughout the region.