Robert Lonjers, MD

Internal Medicine, Fresno Medical Center

“Dr. Lonjers has a knack for taking conceptually difficult concepts and making them comprehensible.”

If there’s a leadership role in which Dr. Robert Lonjers does not excel, no one’s found it.

His exceptional performance as Fresno’s former Chief of Internal Medicine led to being selected as APIC for Information Technology and Pharmacy.

As APIC for IT, he led the successful transition to HealthConnect. Many of his teaching and skill enhancement ideas formed the basis for HealthConnect University, a curriculum that has been adopted region wide to enhance physicians’ skills.

He is tireless in working one-on-one with physicians (especially the technologically challenged!) to help them master HealthConnect to benefit themselves and their patients.

As APIC for Pharmacy, he spent countless hours and displayed enormous skill and patience in teaching physicians best practices for pharmacy tasks in HealthConnect.

He continues to be a sought-after mentor and innovative leader in his department, where his next challenge is to drive an initiative to enhance working relationships with Medical Assistants in Adult Medicine and Pediatrics.