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Scott Gylling, MD

Surgery, North Valley

“Fostering the development of a team means appreciating people’s strengths and allowing everyone to contribute to the goals.”

Scott Gylling, MD became Chief of the Surgery Department in 2002, fifteen years after his arrival at TPMG. From his rotations as a resident until now, Dr. Gylling’s desire to understand the workings of a medical center has led to a deep familiarity with hospital operations.

Dr. Gylling is highly regarded for fostering relationships with other departments, such as pediatrics and nephrology, and for building interdepartmental collaboration.

In his first years with the Medical Group, Dr. Gylling served as Assistant Chief of the department, and as president of the medical staff of KP Sacramento. But long before he assumed his formal leadership titles, he served on committees responsible for various aspects of the hospital’s operations, including nutrition, step-down unit, budget planning, quality assurance, risk management, and utilization review.

Adding change management to his list of accomplishments, Dr. Gylling was an early adopter of laparoscopy, and championed its use in his department. He developed the process for training, credentialing, and proctoring surgeons on laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Today, under Dr. Scott Gylling’s inspiring leadership, the North Valley surgery department delivers outstanding service and access to patients.

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