Abdul Wali, MD

Hospital Medicine, Diablo Service Area

“Dr. Wali leads with the integrity and passion of an outstanding caregiver.”

Skilled and dedicated leaders seize every opportunity to change things for the better, and few have made more enduring changes in KP’s Martinez and Walnut Creek medical centers than Abdul Wali, MD.

In the mid-1990s, Dr. Wali joined his equally forward-thinking colleagues in TPMG to help implement the emerging concept of using hospital-based specialists in order to provide more personalized care and service. His efforts promoted the success of the HBS program throughout Northern California. He also put together the first team of hospitalists at Marttinez and Walnut Creek, and has led this outstanding group since 1997.

To continually improve members’ care, Dr. Wali became the lead physician of the DSA’s Patient Care Experience Initiative in 2004. Through this program, more than 40 different innovative projects have been launched to improve all aspects of care — from admission through discharge.

A kind and empathetic leader, Dr. Wali takes utmost care of “his” physicians. Often with a cup of tea, a warm heart, and a willingness to listen, he has helped many of his colleagues resolve issues that may have seemed insurmountable.

Dr. Wali has had a deep and enduring impact on the DSA, to the benefit of patients and physicians alike.