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Smita Rouillard, MD

Gastroenterology, Fresno Medical Center

“Dr. Rouillard puts her leadership skills to excellent use in her department and the organization.”

To build a department from scratch takes a skilled and dedicated leader like Smita Rouillard, MD, who is excited by challenges and undeterred by obstacles.

After returning from maternity leave in 2001, Dr. Rouillard was charged with hiring new physicians to expand the capabilities of the Gastroenterology Department in Fresno. Her desire to build the department was matched only by her ability to do so. She quickly moved to recruit physicians and staff who met her high standards for clinical excellence, hard work, and team spirit.

Her department’s outstanding performance is evidence of her skill in choosing wisely. Today, Fresno’s GI Department is among the most efficient and productive in the region, based on its volume of patients and procedures. Its MPS scores reflect a continual and significant improvement in member satisfaction.

Dr. Rouillard also shares her talents with other departments. In 2004, she became Chief of Medicine Specialties to help Central Valley Area’s 11 medicine specialty departments improve their own leadership capabilities.

In addition, in 2006 she became Chair of the Chiefs of Gastroenterology, providing proactive leadership and continuing her tradition of outstanding service to her department, her medical center, and the entire organization.

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