Ryan Cox, MD

Surgery, South Sacramento

“Dr. Cox Transformed South Sacramento’s operating room into a model for all of Kaiser Permanente.”

Ryan Cox, MD, is the first and only Chief of South Sacramento’s General Surgery Department, and that suits everyone just fine.

Dr. Cox came to TPMG in 1984, before the hospital was even built, and has had a significant impact on surgical services ever since. A pioneer of innovative surgical treatments, Dr. Cox brought numerous cutting edge technologies to the hospital, including sentinel lymph node biopsy techniques and advanced laparoscopic surgery. He also initiated an endovascular surgical capability, which is available to members throughout the region.

His innovative strategies for surgical scheduling and staffing have helped his department achieve outstanding results in access, service, and cost-effectiveness. The operating room consistently leads the region in quality and member satisfaction ratings and has become a model for other surgery departments.

Dr. Cox built his department from two to ten general surgeons and sub-specialists. Thanks to his warm, open, and inclusive leadership style, no one he has hired has ever left.

With the next generation of surgeons in mind, Dr. Cox has established a strong training program for residents and fellows from the University of California, Davis, and has no problem recruiting the best to join his department.