Noman Absar, MD

Critical Care, Napa/Solano Area

“Dr. Absar brings a dynamic and dedicated presence to the Vallejo medical center.”

If leaders who are committed to excellence are worth their weight in gold, then Kaiser Permanente’s Vallejo hospital has a priceless asset in Noman Absar, MD.

As Assistant Physician-in-Chief for Hospital Operations and Medical Director of the Intensive Care Unit, Dr. Absar has played a critical role in maintaining the clinical quality and smooth operations of the hospital since 2004.

On his daily leadership rounds in the hospital, he inspires teamwork among the physicians and staff. His proactive approach has led to improvements in all aspects of care, from patient safety and satisfaction to patient flow. He takes it upon himself to solve complex social and medical problems that affect individual patients, and he responds to phone calls 24/7 to keep things running efficiently.

Dr. Absar is equally dedicated to repatriating members who are taken to non-Kaiser Permanente emergency rooms and hospitals. Although Vallejo runs an extremely high census, Dr. Absar is able to find beds for patients at all hours of the day and night. The hospital has had a stellar record of repatriations several years in a row.

Dr. Absar’s superb leadership helps Vallejo’s quality scores increase year after year and keeps the hospital on track for continued excellence.