Laura Minikel, MD

Ob-Gyn, East Bay Area

“I love that ‘aha’ moment when people grasp a concept. I want our residents to be excellent clinicians with a passion for what they do.”

Laura Minikel, MD, has earned numerous teaching awards as a faculty member from UCSF and the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Listening to her residents, it’s easy to see why the accolades are so well deserved.

“She has mastered the balance of being approachable and nurturing, while at the same time, challenging us to grow,” said a second year resident. Another resident adds: “She works longer and harder than anyone else to ensure that each person is well supported.”

As a KP residency program director in the East Bay Area, Dr. Minikel has been exceptional at incorporating resident feedback to enhance the program. She is highly regarded as an excellent role model for developing physicians at a critical stage of their training. She seizes every opportunity to expose residents to as many challenges, medical problems and specialties as possible.

She takes great pleasure in teaching, mentoring and nurturing the next generation. “I want my residents to be better surgeons, better obstetricians than I am,” she said. “It’s wonderful when you have people who come into residency and don’t know how to hold a scalpel, and four years later, they’re the person you want next to you in an emergency.”