Galen Schauer, MD

Genetics, East Bay Area

Dr. Galen Schauer’s enthusiasm for his specialty, and his generosity as an educator, make Fetal Pathology a favorite elective for Ob/Gyn residents at Oakland, San Francisco and Santa Clara.

Residents spend up to a week with Dr. Schauer, and they come away with a thorough understanding of how a pathologist can assist them and their patients. He enhances his superb lectures by giving residents hands-on experience in examining placentas and fetuses. He is especially interested in teaching residents how to approach the assessment of a failed pregnancy and what might be done to have a successful outcome in the future.

In addition to sharing his scientific and clinical expertise, Dr. Schauer teaches by example in the compassionate way he helps grieving parents understand the loss of a fetus or child. Says one grateful resident: “Dr. Schauer exemplifies the educator we should all aspire to become.”