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Klaus Kernbach, DPM

Podiatry, Napa/Solano Area

“I like to bring CME to my colleagues in an efficient manner so they can optimize their time in caring for patients.”

As far as Klaus Kernbach, DPM, is concerned, the lengthy Clinical Medical Education presentation in a stuffy lecture hall just doesn’t cut it anymore. So he’s revolutionizing the way CME is delivered in the Napa/Solano Area.

“Evidence shows that we actually learn more in very succinct and direct bits,” says Dr. Kernbach, who specializes in leveraging technology to make information available to his colleagues whenever and wherever they want it – at their desks, in their cars, or even during an exam. He creates brief, to-the-point lunchtime webinars as well as short podcasts for busy physician commuters. His popular 3-5 minute “how-to” videos (how to examine a broken ankle; how to give an injection for plantar fasciitis) are designed for point of care use by emergency and primary care physicians.

“He condenses information down to the nuts and bolts of diagnosis and treatment,” says Steve Stricker, MD, Physician-in-Chief, Napa/Solano. This is really a model of how we can teach physicians across all medical fields going forward.”

The subject matter of Dr. Kernbach’s presentations ranges from his specialty in podiatry to communication skills and lessons in cultural and linguistic competency. He regularly coaches his colleagues in presenting their own material as concisely and effectively as possible.

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