Jonathan Blum, MD

Infectious Diseases, Santa Clara

“Dr. Blum has the true characteristic of a great teacher — he always questions and listens.”

When it comes to anything related to infectious diseases, Santa Clara physicians turn to Jonathan Blum, MD to educate them with equal measures of generosity and wit.

“What sets Dr. Blum apart is the way he engages his audience with his incredible insight and knowledge,” says Susan Smarr, MD, Physician-in-Chief. “His lectures to our physician colleagues are always engrossing and full of memorable clinical pearls.”

Dr. Blum is in continual “education mode” whether updating the entire medical staff on infectious disease topics or generating at least one instructive email per week. His noontime lectures are well received, well attended and always exceptional. He regularly rounds with hospital-based specialists to teach and consult on complex cases.

He has contributed more than one-third of the content available in the Regional Infectious Disease Chiefs’ repository for educational talks. He created the Infectious Disease eConsult Frequently Asked Questions database, and developed most of its content.

“Dr. Blum has the true characteristic of a great teacher—he always questions and listens,” says Stanford Shoor, MD, former Chief of Professional Education at Santa Clara. “He always seems to identify and fill critical learning gaps. He is a rare person and an even rarer educator.”