Cliff Sweet, MD

Radiology, Santa Rosa

Radiology Information Integrator

“The biggest challenge was to take this system and help it go regional.”

“There must be a better way,” thought Dr. Sweet when he saw the difficulties many radiologists had accessing information to compose their reports. Moving from thought to action, he used his skills in computer programming and medical informatics to develop the Radiology Information Integrator. The Integrator fuses information from numerous systems. “My goal was to bring data to radiologists, rather than make them search for it,” says Dr. Sweet.

The Integrator makes it easy to access demographic data on exams. The program also features voice recognition software and standardized report templates.

Dr. Sweet’s Integrator is widely credited as the reason radiologists are routinely meeting 24-hour turnaround times for reports, and in many instances, generating them in less than 15 minutes. Every Radiology Department in the region uses the software to some extent, and some rely on it for all imaging reporting.

Real-time reports are provided in KP HealthConnect (KPHC), to provide timely information to physicians and their patients. Dr. Sweet is now developing the next generation of the software to interface with Radiant, the new Radiology Information System that will be launched in KPHC.