Edward Lee, MD

Internal Medicine, South Sacramento

KP HealthConnect® Toolbar

“Seeing all the clinicians who have benefited from the KP HealthConnect Toolbar has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career.”

It’s not often that TPMG physicians use adjectives like cool, awesome, innovative and amazing, to refer to computer tools. But that’s just how doctors around the region are describing the KP HealthConnect (KPHC) Toolbar, created by Dr. Lee.

Impetus for the Toolbar grew out of Dr. Lee’s desire to save time by reducing the number of keystrokes needed to perform many common functions. Although he had no background in computer programming, Dr. Lee taught himself the complex skills needed to create the Toolbar, and launched it in South Sacramento in 2009 to widespread praise.

The current Toolbar executes at least 26 different tasks, most with just a few keystrokes. While it used to take six keystrokes to calculate the level of service and close an office visit encounter, it now takes just two. Only one keystroke is needed to change the pharmacy destination for a prescription, instead of five or more.

At last count, the Toolbar was on more than 6,500 computers throughout KP Northern California, helping to improve efficiency, increase satisfaction and enhance patient safety. “People have been looking for ways to make KP HealthConnect easier to use,” says Dr. Lee. “I’m thrilled this Toolbar helps.”