Warren Taylor, MD

Hospital Medicine, Napa/Solano Area

Cardiovascular Risk Reduction Program

“When I think about all of the heart attacks and strokes, and of all the premature deaths we’ve prevented; the people we’ve really helped — there is no greater joy on earth.”

When it comes to cardiovascular care, KP Northern California is the quality leader in California and in the top 10% of health plans nationwide. This success is due in large part to the evidence-based Cardiovascular Risk Reduction Program.

The population-based program includes two overlapping efforts: hypertension control, and PHASE (Prevent Heart Attacks and Strokes Everyday), which focus on risk-reduction measures for members who have coronary artery disease, diabetes or other coronary risk equivalents. Drs. Dlott, Jaffe, Taylor and Young have been instrumental in the development of this multifaceted program.

The collaboration began in 1998. A decade later, there was evidence that the program was preventing heart attacks and strokes. The hospitalization rate of myocardial infarction among KPNC members was 14% lower; the rate of ischemic strokes was 20% lower and intracerebral hemorrhages had declined 18%.