Steven Bornstein, MD

Ob-Gyn, South San Francisco

CIPS (Clinical Information Presentation System)

“I’m not a techie person; I’m not a software engineer, and I don’t write code. But I’ve been fortunate to work with creative people who, like me, see a vision of how computer technology can improve the quality of care we deliver to our patients.”

In 1995, Dr. Bornstein became the clinical sponsor for CIPS, the heart of the clinical information system, which allows providers to view a wide array of patient-specific data, from lab results and medication lists to imaging studies and hospital discharge summaries.

Dr. Bornstein applied his 20 years of experience with computers and medicine to his role as Regionwide CIPS Champion: providing strategic direction, working with teams of physicians and technicians to improve the system, and educating physicians about the power of CIPS.

“CIPS has been successful both because we’ve listened to the needs of the physicians and other clinicians who use it, and because we’ve been able to make it very visible,” notes Dr. Bornstein. “It’s become a part of our culture.”

Dr. Bornstein has led the culture change—making presentations on regionally broadcast videoconferences, conducting workshops at the semi-annual Regional New Physician Day and conducting annual Grand Rounds on CIPS at every facility in Northern California. Currently, between 14,000 and 16,000 people log on to CIPS every day and view more than a million screens.