Ernie Bodai, MD

Surgery, North Valley

Stamp Out Breast Cancer Act

The idea for a postage stamp that would raise funds for breast cancer research came to Dr. Bodai in January 1996, but it would take 2 ½ years of lobbying the US Congress to pass the “Stamp Out Breast Cancer Act,” a law to allow the development and implementation of the first fundraising postage stamp in US history.

In addition to the over $20 million raised so far through the sale of the 40-cent breast cancer stamp, Dr. Bodai’s crusade for women’s health has opened the doors to state and federal legislator and generated copious favorable media coverage for TPMG and Kaiser Permanente. The stamp became available in July 2002.

His latest innovation: California’s breast cancer license plate, which will raise funds for treatment of uninsured women diagnosed with breast cancer.