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Raymond Liu, MD

Medical Director, Cancer Center, KP San Francisco

“Using his innovative ideas and visionary approach to cancer care, Dr. Liu is transforming critical aspects of The Permanente Medical Group’s cancer care delivery.”
- Monica Kendrick, MD, Physician-in-Chief, KP San Francisco

To ensure that cutting edge treatments are used every time for each patient with cancer, Raymond Liu, MD, led the transformation of the clinical research program in oncology at The Permanente Medical Group (TPMG). As Regional Director for Cancer Research, TPMG oncologists brought in millions of dollars in research grants and lead Permanente regions in publishing and presenting research.

Dr. Liu spearheaded TPMG’s Hematology and Oncology Fellowship, serves as a mentor at the KP Bernard J. Tyson School of Medicine and recruitment ambassador while teaching at the University of California, San Francisco. Hundreds apply for the fellowship each year, and 100% of the first two graduating classes joined KP.

As the first Regional Director of Cancer Survivorship, Dr. Liu led a team that brought on advanced practice providers for primary and specialty survivorship care and supported the development of technology tools to ensure appropriate monitoring of cancer recurrence.

He is supporting oncology teams by building a lay navigation program of community health workers. In addition, Dr. Liu is implementing a first-in-nation program for patients with cancers, which will support primary care doctors working side by-side with oncologists to provide coordinated care from diagnosis, with the ultimate goal of creating a training program for primary care doctors to care for patients with cancer.

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