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Malika Kheraj, MD, FACP

Chief, Infectious Disease, KP Redwood City

“During the pandemic, Dr. Kheraj rose to the occasion and took primary responsibility for our day to-day response, providing a calming and stabilizing influence for us all.”
- Grace Firtch, MD, Physician-in-Chief, KP Redwood City

Described by colleagues as an authentic, humble, and balanced leader, Malika Kheraj, MD, has served as team lead in Adult and Family Medicine and Assistant Chief of Medicine, and presently is Chief of Infectious Disease and Chair of Infection Prevention at KP Redwood City.

But Dr. Kheraj’s leadership skills were particularly evident during the pandemic, when she took charge of COVID operations at KP Redwood City with grace and composure, despite not holding the infectious disease chief position at that time. Dr. Kheraj played a pivotal role in setting up the COVID tent at KP Redwood City; training all physicians, nurses, and staff on swabbing techniques; and providing guidance on evolving protocols for personal protective equipment.

She collaborated with KP Redwood City’s Chief of Medicine to develop a “COVID-19 Therapeutics Cheat-Sheet” newsletter, which was distributed regionally and served as the foundation for The Permanente Medical Group’s enhanced COVID-19 tool bar; and led a COVID-19 SWAT team in her hospital’s command center, developing comprehensive protocols for managing patients, which reduced hospitalizations. Dr. Kheraj’s daily rounds covered all COVID-positive patients, including in the intensive care unit, providing critical support.

“I am a collaborative leader,” Dr. Kheraj says, “and I strongly believe in mutual respect, authenticity, and being a good and active listener.”

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